HELIUM (refrigerated liquid)

UN Number: 1963

Information on chemical

Information on chemical

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CAMEO Chemical Database
WISER Substance List


UN number 1963

Physical chemical data

Physical State (20°C) Gas
Density (kg/m3)
1.25 [Kg/m³] at a temperature of 20°C
Density of gas (kg/m3) 1.25
Boiling Point (°C) -268.75
Melting Point (°C) -272.2
Vapour Pressure (Pa)
25000000 [Pa] at a temperature of 20°C

Behaviour at sea

Additional data

Transportation data

State liquefied gas
IMO class 2(2.2)

Reactivity data

GESAMP Hazard profile

Human toxicity threshold

TEEL-1 (mg/m3) 65000 ppm
TEEL-2 (mg/m3) 230000 ppm
TEEL-3 (mg/m3) 400000 ppm


Incident reports

Incident reports

No incident reports available

Emergency Response Guidebook

Emergency Response Guidebook

Guide number: 120

See the guide or download the emergency response guidebook

At sea emergency guide

At sea emergency guide

Emergency schedule: 2-12


Emergency procedures


Due to low temperature, SPILLAGE may damage ship's construction. Avoid all contact, even when wearing protective clothing. Do not direct water jet straight onto the spill.

Spillage on deck

Stop leak if practicable. Use water jets from as far away as practicable to accelerate evaporation, not directing them strsight onto the spill. Ensure that direction of jet does not drive liquid towards the emergency team or into confined areas. Do not direct water jet at vent discharge piping.

Spillage under deck

Provide adequate ventilation. Adopt action as for "on deck".

Fire on deck

Use copious quantities of water from as far away as practicable to cool surroundings and adjacent receptacles. When possible, remove undamaged cooled receptacles to a safe place.

Fire under deck

Batten down; use ship's fixed fire-fighting installation. Otherwise adopt action as for "On deck".

Special equipment to be carried

Suitable protective gloves.
Self-contained breathing apparatus.
Spray nozzles.

Decision trees

Decision trees

No decision trees available

No additional data

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