CAS Number: 72-82-8

Also known as: Methyl Hydride, Marsh Gas, Methane
Information on chemical

Information on chemical

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CAS number 72-82-8
Formula CH4

Physical chemical data

Physical State (25°C) Gas
Molar mass (g/mol) 16.043
Solubility (g/L)
22 [g/L] at a temperature of 25°C and salinity of 0‰
Boiling Point (°C) -161
Melting Point (°C) -183
Critical temperature (°C) 190.56
Critical pressure (Pa) 4599000
Surface tension (mN/m)
14 [mN/m] at a temperature of -161°C
Interfacial tension (mN/m)
50 [mN/m] at a temperature of -161°C and salinity of 0‰
Vapour pressure at 70% of critical temperature (Pa) 447990
Flash Point (Pensky-Martens closed cup) (°C) -188
Lower explosivity limit (LEL) (volume %) 5.3
Upper explosivity limit (UEL) (volume %) 14
Henry's constant (mol/(m³·Pa)) 68901

Behaviour at sea

Log kow 1.09
Log koc 0.6
Aqueous photolysis (Half-life) Not photolysable
Biodegradation in estuary environment (Half-life) (days) Not hydrolysable
Bioconcentration factor (BCF) 2

Additional data

MARPOL pollution category
Category Description
Other Substances Substances which have been evaluated and found to fall outside Category X, Y or Z because they are considered to present no harm to marine resources, human health, amenities or other legitimate uses of the sea when discharged into the sea from tank cleaning of deballasting operations. The discharge of bilge or ballast water or other residues or mixtures containing these substances are not subject to any requirements of MARPOL Annex II.

Transportation data

Reactivity data

GESAMP Hazard profile

Interference with coastal amenities (E2) G - Gas

Human toxicity threshold

Compressed Gas Flammable
Hazard statements
H220 Extremely flammable gas.


Lowest median lethal concentration (LC50) on crustacean (mg/l) 46.6
Lowest median lethal concentration (LC50) on fishes (mg/l) 24.11
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Incident reports

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Emergency Response Guidebook

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At sea emergency guide

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Decision trees

Decision trees

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