CAS Number: 10588-01-9

Information on chemical

Information on chemical

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CAS number 10588-01-9

Physical chemical data

Physical State (20°C) Solid
Density (kg/m3)
2350 [Kg/m³] at a temperature of 20°C
Molar mass (g/mol) 262.01
Boiling Point (°C) decomp.
Melting Point (°C) 357

Behaviour at sea

Additional data

Colour red to orange
Odour almond odour
Standard behavior classification SD

Transportation data

State solid
Temperature (°C) ambient
Pressure (Pa) ambient

Reactivity data

Water No
Acid(s) Yes
Base(s) Yes
Metal(s) and alloys No
Oxidizing agents Yes
Reducing agents No
Combustibles Yes
Organic substance Yes

GESAMP Hazard profile

Bioaccumulation in BCF (A1B) 0 - No measurable BCF
Bioaccumulation (A1) 0 - No potential to bioaccumulate
Acute aquatic toxicity (B1) (LC/EC/IC50 (mg/l)) 4 - Highly toxic
Chronic aquatic toxicity (B2) (NOEC (mg/l)) 1 - Low
Acute mammalian toxicity by swallowing (C1) (LD50 (mg/kg)) 2 - Moderate
Acute mammalian toxicity by skin penetration (C2) (LD50 (mg/kg)) 2 - Moderate
Acute mammalian toxicity by inhalation (C3) (LC50 (mg/l)) 4 - High
Eye irritation/corrosivity (D2) 3 - Severely irritating, with irreversible corneal injury
Interference with coastal amenities (E2) D - Dissolver
Effects on wildlife and bottom habitats (E3) 3 - Is highly acutely toxic; and/or is severely irritant or corrosive to skin or eyes; and/or is carcinogenic, mutagenic or reprotoxic; and/or is a floater or persistent floater with associated health effects

Human toxicity threshold

IDHL 115
TLV-TWA 0.02 (Cr)
TEEL-1 (mg/m3) 20
TEEL-2 (mg/m3) 37.8
TEEL-3 (mg/m3) 37.8


Incident reports

Incident reports

Year Vessel Location Cargo type
1973 Viggo Hinrichsen Off Swedish Coast Package
Emergency Response Guidebook

Emergency Response Guidebook

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At sea emergency guide

At sea emergency guide

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Decision trees

Decision trees

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