SULPHUR molten

UN Number: 2448 - CAS Number: 7704-34-9

Also known as: Sulphur (Commercially Formed, Solid), Souffre (Solide), Sulphur (Molten), Souffre (Fondu)
Information on chemical

Information on chemical

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UN number 2448
CAS number 7704-34-9
Formula S

Physical chemical data

Physical State (20°C) Solid
Physical State (25°C) Liquid
Density (kg/m3)
1800 [Kg/m³] at a temperature of 20°C
Molar mass (g/mol) 256.51
Density of gas (kg/m3) 11.48
Solubility (g/L)
0 [g/L] at a temperature of 20°C and salinity of 0‰
0 [g/L] at a temperature of 25°C and salinity of 0‰
Boiling Point (°C) 444.8
Melting Point (°C) 113
Vapour Pressure (Pa)
10 [Pa] at a temperature of 20°C
5e-07 [Pa] at a temperature of 25°C
Ignition Temperature (°C) 260
Flash Point (°C) 168
Lower explosivity limit (LEL) (volume %) 0.3
Upper explosivity limit (UEL) (volume %) 12.1

Behaviour at sea

Additional data

Colour yellow,orange,brown,grey
Odour sweet, pleasant odour
MARPOL pollution category
Category Description
Z Noxious Liquid Substances which, if discharged into the sea from tank cleaning or deballasting operations, are deemed to present a minor hazard to either marine resources or human health and therefore justify less stringent restrictions on the quality and quantity of the discharge into the marine environment.

Transportation data

Transport mode Bulk,Packaged
Package group III
State liquid
Temperature (°C) 132�
Pressure (Pa) under pressure
IMO class 4.1

Reactivity data

GESAMP Hazard profile

Bioaccumulation in BCF (A1B) 0 - No measurable BCF
Bioaccumulation (A1) 0 - No potential to bioaccumulate
Acute aquatic toxicity (B1) (LC/EC/IC50 (mg/l)) 0 - Non-toxic
Acute mammalian toxicity by swallowing (C1) (LD50 (mg/kg)) 0 - Negligible
Acute mammalian toxicity by skin penetration (C2) (LD50 (mg/kg)) 0 - Negligible
Acute mammalian toxicity by inhalation (C3) (LC50 (mg/l)) 1 - Slight
Skin irritation/corrosivity (D1) 1 - Mildly irritating
Eye irritation/corrosivity (D2) 1 - Mildly irritating
Interference with coastal amenities (E2) S - Sinking substance that would deposit on the seabed, not likely to dissolve quickly
Effects on wildlife and bottom habitats (E3) 1 - Is a floater; and/or is slightly acutely toxic; and/or is mildly irritant to skin and/or eyes

Human toxicity threshold

Hazard statements
H315 Causes skin irritation.
TEEL-1 (mg/m3) 0.4
TEEL-2 (mg/m3) 2.5
TEEL-3 (mg/m3) 12.5


Incident reports

Incident reports

No incident reports available

Emergency Response Guidebook

Emergency Response Guidebook

Guide number: 133

See the guide or download the emergency response guidebook

At sea emergency guide

At sea emergency guide

Emergency schedule: 4.1-04


Emergency procedures

Spillage on deck

Stop leak if practicable using cold water. Contain molten products, if practicable, using inert material. Collect solid material for safe disposal.

Spillage under deck

Not applicable.

Fire on deck

Use water spray from as far away as practicable.

Fire under deck

Not applicable.

Special equipment to be carried

Protective clothing (gloves, boots, coveralls, headgear).
Self-contained breathing apparatus.
Spray nozzles.
Inert material.

Decision trees

Decision trees

No decision trees available

No additional data

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